Encounter with Dr. Yunus ノーベル平和賞ユヌス氏との出会い②

(2)Social Business Lab. With Dr. Yunus in Dhaka, web streaming for the world to see; selective small business owners from around the Country get the opportunity to explain their business plan, in the simplest way possible, seeking funds for future development of their business. A panel of six, consisting of scholars in Business development, all looking into the proposals put forward. Yoriko and I decided to be in Nokshi Katha business development panel, very odd ones in the gathering. Reducing the cost of making Nokshi katha was among the preferred advice (among the biggest single handed Bangladesh Handycraft maker and seller). Disappointingly, all were supporting a reduction in the making cost, as if makers in the village are too well paid and are responsible for the high prices. We tow had an unorthodox suggestion for one young woman in the panel; increase pay of making and in return demand better quality, allocate a small cost for marketing, and perhaps a small website to go direct, eliminate the idea of selling it to middleman, or Aarong-like organisations, who wish to buy cheap. We also requested the panel to allocate an extra one lakh taka, or 40% more money, for the project.
Later on in the day, Dr. Yunus appreciated the idea and agreed, to some extent. The business plan for the young woman with a social business plan was approved for an undisclosed amount. Yoriko made a suggestion to the audience to respect women working at home by allowing better pay for social business that practices fair trade.