My mission and vision

This is my mission and vision at IIMON:

If you let a fisher man to be carpenter and judge his craftsmanship and also Carpenter to catch fish in the Ocean and calculation how many fishes he caught; many cases these will bound to match the result of my country Bangladesh , seeing and knowing these- Shah Jahan can’t live with that.

Like many, I am also in a mission; try to change “one” such Bangladeshi. “A Mother” who was divorced like many- of a village; brilliant stitcher (hand needle), unfortunately to service she left village and came to Dhaka city to work in Garment Factory like “Rana Plaza” 2013.

Each day when I find myself feared of what I am doing with my self Shah jahan in Bangladesh “ A boy who was grown on the east - between Paddington and Bondi Beach in Sydney since” alone with this Village woman in Dhaka now, just keep imagination how high she could reach with her brilliance and I can’t find sanity to sleep until bringing some changes something for better.

“Perhaps there is nothing special in it; because we all know very well- helping others does make us feel good about us and respect ourselves for doing something. It also makes us think how fortunate we are to be able to help!”

Dear my friends, I have a small and perhaps simple strategy to most to share with you; what if give opportunities rather than just money to people who are willing to work and improve their lives. What if we start some system of local entrepreneur creation, use of affordable innovative technology and creative designs, all working together to create world class handmade fashion: a few months ago; 3 am in Shanghai Airport in china, Dr Yunus from Grammen told me; my luggage full of hand stitch Nokshi bound for Japan, can be hand stitched fashion for the world someday. How little he knew that time; that 30 minutes chat on the plane was just the beginning.

A woman with hand stitching needle: I feel a strategy making pain on my gut, a ‘feel good’ brand from Bangladesh; I named it “iimon” a Japanese word means feel good, in the making. Shamelessly inquiring in your busy schedule, buy or promote among others and keep me busy designing more handmade fashion from Bangladesh to stitch.