My ambition

When I talk about business; the moment seizes me someplace familiar recalls poignant memories and I talk and talk. Otherwise I am reasonably shy and quite individual. Trade adventure is my passion entrepreneur endeavor dealing venture is what I like to do for living. Love running, swimming and Dancing etc as sports, mostly because- can't follow friends appointment for group sports.

Adventure around the worlds geography and experience its inhabitant mostly requires time and money, these doesn't offer to an employee normally. Unless you are rich, won a lottery or turned to a successful entrepreneurial pursuits and free lance positions.

I was born in Comilla, raised in Sydney and Married to love of my life in Bangladesh recently.

We just had our first Baby Boy in Tokyo named Yuki Yasin Shah, and decided to live in Tokyo Japan.
So, this is going to be our venture;
Yuki Yasin Shah
Yoriko Shah
Mohiuddin Shah

My recent Graduation in Master of International Business from Sydney University, which didn't sale well with Japanese Company for not having adequet Japanese language skills. Subjects such as International entrepreneur, Marketing, Business strategy, HRM, Logistic etc all will be wasted, if I accept just any job for living.

I have no hard feeling to Japanese way of living but persistent to my dream, I want my work to be a movement. Moving from Australia to Japan to Bangladesh is not what's last to what's next in progress.

Search for "people how has nothing but have potential to accomplish," such individuals, must be trained, motivated, invested to become self-sufficient so that they can live a better life. Searching how can they be benefit from entrepreneurial way of approaching things, things they produce locally, but this time in Japanese standard, which people like you could buy and use, in due process you will be accomplishing what you always wanted. Help people, where they really need help, help that changes there life.

I am a family man and entrepreneur for living; I desire to use my education and experience where it is needed the most and choose my work place where I am needed.

IIMON wasn't started to become a corporation / Kabushigaisha. It was a cause. It was an idea – to connect with Bangladesh and its people. I had a similar idea 20 years ago in Sydney Australia when I started D2D Service as a way to communicate among Bangladeshi living away from Bangladesh. My father in Bangladesh and I am in Australia kicked off the project [just for fun] and has repeatedly started that this motivation behind developing people in under "Developing Country" with ideas and knowledge from abroad.

The goal of my operation is to
1. search local product, which has potentials internationally
2. design it (if necessary), improve the quality to customers expectation.
3. Finish the product with quality inspection and move product from maker to customer. Personally I will see to this path called Supply Chain.